Waihi Village


The Headland of Cathas

Description & Info

Waihi Village is the primary clanhold of the Waihi clan. One of the few permanent Camari settlements away from the sea, the Waihi clan is strange in several ways.

  • Unlike the rest of the Camari they depend on the earth for their livelihoods, particularly copper.
  • They have settled approximately 4 hours walk from the coast in the rugged and windswept hills of northern Cathas.
  • They have enormous influence compared to the size of their clan

The village is home to approximately 60 people, most of whom work by mining the grass-covered hills for copper and other minerals to shape or sell in the capital. Two mines are dug into the sides of a large quarry just outside of town.

Lower Villages

Two “Lower Villages” supply Waihi Village with fresh food and allow them to easily ship out their finished goods to the rest of the Camari. These lower villages are both built into the jutting, 100-ft limestone cliffs for protection from raiders and from beasts and use an elaborate manual elevator-pulley system to bring people and goods up and down from the harbor carved from the rocks below. These villages are clan holds of the Waihi as well but are dominated by clanless settlers or individuals smaller, weaker clans.

Waihi Village

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