The Sankrals

The Thousand Islands of the Sankrals

The Sankrals are an archipelago of minute islands, atolls, and sand bars that stretch out for dozens of miles past the eastern edge of Cathas’ headland. The shallow waters of the Sankrals are rich and teeming with diversity, fat fish, and relatively few large predators. The largest threat to the Sankrals historically is the one that almost wiped the Camari from the Sankrals completely: The Grey Men.

Notable Settlements
Seaguard Atoll


The first few Camari settlements were founded in the Sankrals several decades ago and they prospered due to the sheer abundance of food available. More than 50 settlements, from a single family to more than a hundred, dotted the best islands and atolls, getting their livelihoods from the sea.

But then the -fire nation attacked-Grey Men came in what the Camari later came to call the Great Raid and systematically exterminated or abducted all Camari in the Sankrals not fast enough or lucky enough to escape. Only one settlement, Norcross, remained, miraculously spared by its distance from Cathas and the rest of the islands and the quick thinking of its leaders.

In the decade since, the Camari left the Sankrals to the vultures. After the formation of the Seaguard in the 14th year of Queen Seren’s reign, the Queen has emphasized that the clans re-establish themselves in the Sankrals. Several new settlements, buoyed by the Seaguard’s successes, have established themselves.

Time will tell whether they ultimately succeed.

The Sankrals

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