Anelena is the Hearth Goddess whose protective aspects guide and ward the Camari faithful from danger as the fire wards the black beasts of the night. It is Anelena who is prayed for when a child is sick, when a Luaka or skrug is nearby.

She is the protector of all creation but holds a special place in her heart for the Camari. She is said to show her favor through signs in the fire and fire is sacred to Anelena and the warmth of the waters are said to be her blessing, providing her children with mild winters and helping to ensure the sea’s abundance.

Where Saerun can be tempestuous and deals with both life and death, Anelena is the embodiment of safety, community, and protective motherhood. Signs of her favor are often sought in the divinations of the flame in her Fire Altars that are maintained in many open air temples and stone circles.

Her Aspects usually wear fiery red as part of their ceremonial garments and many are trained to be warriors as well as healers.


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