Wild Region

An area of Alhenawhere magic runs wild and chaotic. These are immensely dangerous places where magic burns and boils and horrific things happen. While they can occasionally be peaceful and quiet, great energies erupt often burning out all life unadapted to the region.

Wild Regions tend to produce certain kinds of effects or energies. These take many forms, such as:

A barren plain whose skies erupt into firestorms that scour the earth, rain lava, or ambient areas of extreme heat.

A forest of eternal winter.

A lowland of stinking mires and acid bogs where the very air burns holes in your lungs and eats away at unprotected organic matter.

An eternal storm that rages through a floating mountain range.

A dead land where nothing living can survive for long.

They are usually places where the elements of creation are out of balance and thus produce elemental effects. However, there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ Wild Region and some have far more bizarre and frightening properties.

Constrast with Still Regions and Dead Region

Wild Region

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