With fat stretches of sandy beaches, nearby sources of lumber from thick jungle and scrub, and several natural springs Valoa is a very desirable place to live. Much smaller than Cathas, Valoa is still a large island and many Camari clans make their homes there. The interior of the island is thickly jungled and rocky, with many rugged foothills swallowed beneath the emerald canopy. An enormous, snow-capped mountain referred to as as the Pure Mountain.

Clans that live on Valoa include the Onikava, Lokua, Sama, Siosal, Maohi clans. The Onikava are the dominant, ruling clan of Valoa and are feared for their large population and skilled warriors.


Salt Lagoon
The Mouth of Ngame
Little Bite
Spring of Unaka
Lake Unaka
Pure Mountain


Onikava Clanhold
Lokua Clanhold
Maohi Clanhold


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