Grey Men of Svaln

The Grey Men are the boogeymen of the other people living within the Aether Sea. They come, they pillage, plunder, and rape but they leave no survivors behind. Their dead are brought back with them and all too often they take their victims alive back to their black-hulled ships and away. They speak a foul language that seems impenetrable to Camari ears and those few who are captured before committing suicide never talk. Seeing their black ships while sailing is a terrible omen.

Their territory is thought to be along the northern coast of the Aether Sea, across the Open Water. They sail black longships which are much larger than any Camari vessel and can hold dozens of warriors.

The Symbolic Tattoo

Many Grey Men encountered by the Seaguard lately have been tattooed with a strange, maelstrom-like symbol.
It is not yet known what it denotes.

Grey Men of Svaln

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