The Aether Sea is a small, deep sea several hundred miles wide and more than a thousand miles long that is sandwiched between two large landmasses. Many islands, some many miles long and others bare rocks jutting from the cold sea, dot its length.

Camarath is located in the Aether Sea along with several other unclaimed or disputed islands and territories. For example, Varketh is considered a cursed island and even though no known people inhabit its overgrown shores the Camari believe going ashore is taboo.

Other Known Locations

Green Island


Despite being in a temperate climate, much of the sea around Camarath remains warm due to upwellings of hot water that bubble up from the depths.

So even when snow drifts cover the interiors of the islands, the coasts remain mild and filled with an abundance of marine life. Giant sea snakes, dolphins, sharks, and all manner of fish both strange and wonderful populate the coral reefs that ring many of the Camari islands.

The strangeness of the the sea does not end with heat. Strange lights, shimmering iridescent mist, sea monsters, and wild magic all make living in the Aether Sea a dangerous and unpredictable proposition. But, it’s better than the alternative.


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