Father, Hunter, Brother-in-Arms


A tall and lean Camari of southern isles descent. His hair raven-black, in long braids and tendrils hanging past his shoulders. Eyes hidden behind a mask of elaborately carved whalebone lined with pearls. Leather armor decorated with shells and bones overlays strikingly blue skin, and a pearl-inlaid spear and longbow are strapped to his back. Ro-Tuoni’s mannerisms are calm and considered, and his voice is solemn when he chooses to speak.


Ro-Tuoni was born in a village he no longer remembers, to parents he never really knew. Mistrusted for his unusual skin, he was a vagrant by a young age, subsisting on the generosity of kindly villagers in one settlement after another, earning what he could by harvesting the gifts of the sea, which he had a natural affinity for; taking what he had to when he had no choice. Eventually a young aspect-in-training found the dirty young adolescent Tuon and recognized the touch of unknown gifts. She taught him the basics of how to harness his gifts and also gave him a rudimentary education and showed him the uses of many rare herbs and sea-plants as well as teaching him the myths and legends of their people and the words of the twin Goddesses.

When finally he left the company of the aspect, he did so with a newly found dignity and sense of worth. He traveled to the distant region of Spot Bay to find a new life and sought work with sea-hunters and divers, and grew a close bond with 3 in particular (Kolven, josun, and Oan-ir’i), who became known together as fearless shark hunters and as the boldest of divers. Eventually each took a wife and settled in a new freehold, and the families built their lives together on the frontier.

Although Tuon had found a new life and new happiness, his relationship with his wife Jeneidh grew strained over time as the 4 men were constantly out at sea, and Jeneidh grew bored in the isolated settlement. They split cordially after ten years together, and Jeneidh and their daughter, Jenua left for Camar’s Hold while Tuon stayed and sent them gifts and unusual goods from the sea to sell in the great Camari capitol.

Several years later, while returning from a trip to a distant reef to collect a rare ink and corals, Ro’Tuoni returned to Spot Bay to find the entire chain of settlements destroyed, and the lives of everyone there taken, by the Grey Men. While thankful that Jeneidh and Jenua were safe in Camar’s Hold, Ro vowed to avenge his fallen brothers and left to seek out yet another new life, this time in the company of the Sea Guard.


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