Aether Sea – Seaguard Saga

This campaign examines an alien world in which civilizations of Man have only recently re-emerged after a murkily remember mythic disaster. It follows a group of heroes who form the Seaguard; an organization dedicated to protecting, Camari, all of Camarath, and discovering more about what lies beyond their island homes in the rest of the Aether Sea.

The Setting Conceits

The world that the story takes place is filled with non-traditional, unique & alien monsters (ala Dark Sun but with seas, forests, & jungles instead of desert) that are exceptionally deadly. Not only that but the environments can also be hostile & permanently enchanted magical items are hard to come by. This world explores the idea that true Heroes face terrible odds and overwhelming horrors and triumph or fall.

The Story So Far…

The tale begins in the sleepy village of Norcross, the northernmost Camari settlement with a trio of youths preparing for their coming of age by participating in an outrigger race thorough the Sankrals and around the northern tip of Cathas to the settlements in Spot Bay. After a terrifying night time encounter with one of the Grey Men’s black ships they arrived to Spot Bay to find the settlements eradicated brutally and a handful of raiders remaining. Fleeing, they reported to the capital and Queen and got drawn into a search for whatever it was the Grey Men sought thanks to a tattooed skinmap. Finding in each location a ruin: An Obelisk-Crypt in a hidden valley, a sinking subterranean temple in the atolls, and a massive Spire-Observatory overlooking the simmering caldera of an active volcano. Whatever the reason for why the Grey Men sought those locations, and what they meant to do with whatever they recovered remains a mystery to the party – though at least they appear to have foiled whatever it is they were looking for.

A year passes, and the party has now formed into an organization at the behest ofQueen Seren called The Seaguards. Their mission is to defend Camarath and continue their investigations.. The story continues after losing one of their own to a mated pair of spined drakes who threatened the famed coppersmiths in Waihi Village and the capture of 11 unhatched drake eggs…

Aether Sea

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