Seaguard Atoll


Given to the Seaguard as a base of operations, this atoll on the northern edge of the Sankrals is the lone encampment the Seaguards currently possess and the home of their main lodge, a combination of home and fortress. A small settlement as sprung up around the lodge, providing minor services in return for the protection proximity to the Seaguard brings.

Notable NPCs

The Seaguard Lodge

Built partially into a low hill on the atoll, the new headquarters of the Seaguards is a fieldstone walled and thatched-roofed hall that is built partially into the ground. Its roof is high, peaked, and supported by heavy wooden beams.

B1: The Common Room: The common room is a long hall with a pitched ceiling. Long, dark wooden tables stretch out over a grey flagstone floor while wooden candelabras lit with flickering candles hang from the heavy beams overhead. In the center of the room is a wide circular fireplace cupped within a circular stone hood that gathers the smoke and ash up the chimney and out through the roof.

  • B1A: Dry Storage and Pantry
  • B1B: Kitchens

B2: The Scriptorium: The scriptorium is small but cozy with colorful, woven rugs adorning the stone floor. A glass window looks out over the windswept atoll. Dark wooden shelves line the walls and even stand freely in the center of the chamber. Cluttered along their shelves you can see various strange artifacts found by the Seaguard on their adventures and a few recently penned tomes – utilizing the Camari’s recently developed written language.

In the few spaces where there aren’t bookshelves maps and tapestries hang off the walls. Some crude, others detailed and beautiful, the maps showcase various islands and the explored seas.

B3: The Sleeping Quarters: The sleeping quarters consist of ten tiny rooms and a barracks-style chamber. Barely more than a place to bed down on a reasonably comfortable bed and equipped with a chest for personal possessions, the quarters is the most spartan and militant part of the base.

Even now, with only 20 members of the Seaguard, the sleeping quarters are becoming crowded.

B4: The Armory: Weapons and their components line the walls of this square room: Spearheads made from whale teeth, coral, or flint; stone or bone swords, clubs, flexible wooden staves, simple bows and arrows.

B5: The Apothecarium: Little more than an alcove with a door at the end of the hall, the apothecarium in truth consists of a drying rack for natural ingredients, storage for various substances, and bowls, pestles, and various flasks and sacks.

Seaguard Atoll

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