Saerun is the Mother Goddess who brings all life into this world. While also being the visage of wild, sometimes deadly nature. She is an embodiment of life and nature, primarily seen in the bounty of the sea. She is known to be tempestuous and can be moody, resulting in storms.

She is the mother of all life, not just the Camari, and as such even wild and dangerous natural creatures are seen as Hers.

Whales and other cetaceans are considered particularly sacred and her second favorite children (after the Camari of course). Sightings of whales are signs of her favor and the annual Great Migration led by her Herald sets the rhythm of the the seasons and are considered crucial in the cycle of life and death by her Camari worshippers.

Her Aspects traditionally wear blue hues and ceremonial robes and are often highly trained in the arts of healing, midwifery, natural lore, and aquaculture as befits their role.


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