Sitting in the middle of a calm lagoon surrounded by a coral reef, Norcross island is a freehold home to a small collection of Camari families and settlements.

Named so for its vaguely cross-shaped appearance and for its location at the northern edge of Camarath the settlement is very new. Only in the last 15 years have the Camari settled here after taking it from the Skraelings in a series of battles.

The island is 3 miles wide and four miles long. Even in the winter the temperature never reaches freezing thanks to the warm water that bubbles up from the depths of the Aether Sea around the island.

Led by two elderly priestesses (Bella and Della) of the Twins, the settlement is a collection of 10 families who have settled along the coast with the primary “township” being directly across from a break in the reef that allows safe passage for visitors and Norcross’s fishermen.

The lagoon has been partially developed by aquaculture and seaweed is grown for consumption along with a few species of crustaceans which are bred and collected into large cages.


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