Green Island

In the middle of the Aether Sea, beyond boiling water, sits a small volcanic island overgrown with jungles and a blasted wasteland in the center surrounding a smoking, towering volcano. This place is home to at least a single large Skraeling community, though the island remains mostly uncharted.

The Sunken Ship

In a cove with waters that are hundreds of feet deep the sunken wreck of a Black Longship remains after the local Skraelings sank it after the Grey Men arrived on the island in search of the Spire. Within the ship, Ro’Tuoni found a pearl-inlaid spear of whalebone and imbued with lasting enchantments ((The Sunken Spear)).

The Spire

A path carved up the volcano’s side is guarded by massive sentry statues, depicting alien-looking humanoids. These statues appear to be magically enchanted to preserve them against the acrid environment and are in almost perfect condition.

This pathway continues up to the very lip of the volcano’s caldera where a Spire rises up into the sky. Whoever built the spire and these sentry statues must be exceptionally advanced, numerous magical artifacts seem to linger – still active – within the confines of the Tower and metal men still guard its upper halls.

Green Island

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