Dangerous Aquatic fauna
Luaka – Truly monstrous aquatic reptilian megapredator
Bloatfish – Schooling bloodsuckers
Sea scorpions – Unpleasant predatory arthropods
Sea Serpents – Several varieties, some the mythological variety.
Urchins – Both large and small, always spiny and sometimes poisonous
Sharks – nuff said
Reefclaws – horrific, highly aggressive monstrosities.
Morcath – Also known as Sinqa’geru, the “Sea Lynx” is an amphibious coastal predator
h3. Dangerous Terrestrial Fauna
Skrug Beast – Emaciated canids with poisonous spines
Drakes – Draconic monsters with large appetites and limited patience, multiple types
Terror Birds – Large, flightless and aggressive birds
Clawings – Small, nocturnal, blood-sucking winged monstrosities

Aether fauna
Rhuni – large flying fish
Tangrisnir – Large mountain goats with heavy, long, spear-like horns
Seals – Multiple varieties
Dolphins – Multiple varieties
Whales – Multiple varieties
Pakaru – Small, forest antelope
Ganans – Multi-armed, scaled, monkey-like creatures
Scrifts – four-winged bird species
Hookhorn climbers – Tiny, colorful, & peaceful arboreal creatures with colorful hides and overlarge horns rising from their skulls

Aether Flora
Corpse Flower
Death vine – or “blackvine” a parasitic, poisonous plant
Saerun’s Tear
Gnup Tree – Produces numerous small, sweet fruits
Naani Tree – produces fleshy, pungent, edible fruits
Sea Grape – Coastal, fruit-baring tree

The Supernatural
Nature Spirits
Shining Ones – Mysterious glowing figures in the twilight
Kikokiko – Evil, possessing spirits
Taniwha – Beings (or monsters) of great power, often Greater Spirits or Godlings
Talamaur – Vampiric Monsters, Cursed Souls


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