Aspects of the Goddesses

Priests of the Twin Goddesses, Saerun and Anelena are always female identical twins that are taken away from their families at an early age and trained and raised by older Aspects, historically in Camar’s Hold. These future holy women are then trained in the healing arts, natural lore, spiritual lore, self-defense, hunting, mid-wifery, rituals, and many other skills and knowledges to use for the benefit of their people that they will eventually act as mothers to.

Each twin must embody the role of one of the goddesses and as such training between the twin priestesses may vary slightly as the Aspect of Anelena could be focused towards self-defense, hunting, and warfare while the Aspect of Saerun may be taught healing, natural lore, and spiritual rituals. That is not to say there are always wildly diverging skillsets between the two, often they may have very similar knowledge and training. Twins are often very alike, after all.

Most Aspects are not Gifted, but the few that do have the gift are considered exceptionally favored by the Goddesses and are destined to great influence within the informal sisterhood that the Aspects inhabit.

When an Aspect dies, their twin must retire. The Twin Goddesses must always be equally embodied, though a retired Aspect can expect to be taken care of for the rest of her life.


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