Alhena is the name the Camari give to the world. Little is known about the world beyond the Aether Sea. The Camari consider the lands beyond the sea are cursed and uninhabitable since the Great End ages past. They burn with fire, kill with deadly cold, or untamed and endless storms. Or so the stories say. Survival is tough and there is little time for most to explore when the isles of Camarath are filled with bounty.

Magic burns through the world, changing or destroying. Yet the Aether Sea has avoided these terrors, for the most part. Magic is a fickle beast, though, and only the Gods know what the future may hold.

The Skies Above

Alhena orbits the ringed gas giant Hyperion and the sister planets orbit their star together, with Alhena completing an orbit around the gas giant once every 300 days. Alhen’a sky is also sometimes shared by the jaundiced planet Amauturn. Hyperion dominates the night sky but even distant Amauturn can be brightly visible on certain nights when facing away from Hyperion.

Three sister moons also orbit Hyperion with Alhena : Mnemosyne, Bosphobos, Eos.

These celestial forces may have some influence the supernatural. Rare alignments between the celestial bodies seem to heighten magical power but also make it more difficult to control.

The Hidden World

Another world exists, invisible but present, just beyond the veil. Legends and campfire tales are told about this Other World, this Hidden place behind the set pieces of reality. They speak of its inhabitants, beings of great and terrible beauty. Creatures who don’t think like Men or have the same concerns. This is the realm of Gods and spirits.

These stories tell of thin places where the veil has worn thin or of places where the worlds align and Men can cross over. Or things can come through.

Magic and Energy

The world is held together by currents of energy. There are vast areas of great magical danger: Wild Regions where magic burns over the land, reshaping and destroying.In these areas magical energy flows like wildfire over and within the land, burning out everything within reach. Some regions are barren Dead Regions where the currents of energy are absent altogether, or hidden, or masked somehow. In Still Regions it pools and gathers, cool and quiet but offering power to those with the ability to reach it.

Those with this ability are referred to as “Gifted” by the Camari and are feared and respected in equal measure depending upon their personalities and morals. Those that manipulate nature and the elements (air, fire, earth, water) are the most common of the Gifted. However, there are others whose abilities are not limited to the physical elements. All Gifted, however, are limited in how long they can sustain their powers. None alive can create permanent magical items nor sustain their magic indefinitely.

Yet it is whispered in the ancient past the Gifted were more common and more powerful, capable of creating permanent artifacts of power.


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