Aether Sea Region

The Aether Sea

The Aether Sea region is a Still Region of Alhena. It is still possessed of powerful magic but, generally, that magic sits and waits to be tapped rather than running wild and causing great destruction. There have been times in the past however where the checked forces and energies locked in the world have been unleashed, to the detriment of all.

The Aether Sea is a dangerous, mysterious place punctuated by ruins of a forgotten past. Mists rise from the warm waters of the sea, cloaking whole islands for weeks at a time. Ghost lights and apparitions rise from the depths. Thermal vents and ‘hot spots’ dot the sea. Steam bubbles up from the depths, sometimes bursting forth destructively to swallow boats and their unfortunate passengers.

Aether storms, destructive storms that sometimes sweep in from the sea, are the region’s most dangerous phenomena. They are very destructive while being almost hypnotic in their beauty thanks to the colored lights that pulse, shift, and shine from within them.

Despite its dangers, the region is home to several disparate cultures of Man. They maintain few links with one another and many have never had peaceful relations at all. They have all managed to survive by avoiding, hiding, or confronting enemies both normal and supernatural.

Iron is rare around the Aether Sea. Bronze is the most worked metal and iron requires a master to work with. Most of the cultures maintain tools and armor made from natural sources such as animals and plants due to the expense and rarity of metal.




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Aether Sea Region

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