Tag: Patron


  • Seren Wynleth

    Looking much younger than her thirty-odd years, Seren is petite and paler than most Camari. Her face has a delicate, elfin shape and her eyes are pale green. Her features are framed with waves of golden hair that rest around her shoulders.

  • Ikaiku

    Ikaiku is a tall, tan, and weathered man in his mid-30s. His face is not quite handsome but does possess a regal look, like an osprey. His light blue eyes shine with cunning. His body seems composed of lean, corded muscle and sinew. For clothing he wears …

  • Aspect Kaimana

    Kaimana is a short, soft woman in her early 40s, her ginger hair is sheared short and her skin shows the crows feet and wrinkles of someone who has laughed, and cried, many times in her life. Her dark eyes twinkle and she always seems to be smiling …

  • Aspect Komani

    Where [[:aspect-kaimana | Kaimana]] is soft, Komani is hard. Identical though they may be, Komani is cold bronze to Kaimana's warmth. She eschews the soft robes and delicate adornments of her sister and instead wears a green tunic over boiled seal leather …

  • Fionnuala

    Councilor Fionnuala is a rare beauty: one who seems to grow even more beautiful as she ages. Her raven black hair is always bound up with a jeweled brushes and clips and her unlined face has the slightest hint of blush and make up. Her grey eyes are …

  • Della Valoa

    Aspect of [[Anelena]], Grandmother figure to [[:Elaidha]] and [[:Olver-1]]. Della is a kindly presence, warm and protective like the goddess she venerates. Not to say Bella isn't, of course.